Seagrams Smooth Malt Beverage 003 - photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

5% alcohol

Seagram’s Limeade Tasting Notes

Nice soft bubbles with gentler lime / citrus flavor. Hint of spice such as cinnamon. Reminds me a little of Zima from years ago or Smirnoff Ice.

Tea Lemonade & Mango Tasting Notes

Sweet. Smoother rather than having bite like some other malt beverages. Lots of fruit sweetness. No bubbles feel at all. Some bitter surrounding the sweetness.

Pomegranate Lemon Tasting Notes

A little bite. Smaller bubbles. Pomegranate flavor reminds me of carbonated PAMA Liqueur. Not totally loving the fruity metallic after taste.

Classic Lemonade Tasting Notes

Gentle spice. Not much carbonation. Light lemon flavor. Bits of toffee smoothness.

Seagrams Smooth Malt Beverage 010 photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

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Review: Seagram’s Smooth Premium Malt Beverages

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