Ketel One Ultimate Cocktails


At the end of the day when Happy Hour begins, often the first cocktail anyone wants to think about is something simple, classic and tasty. These are the Ultimate Cocktails…

Ultimate Ketel One Apple Martini – excellent for cocktail parties, fall cocktails and Halloween

Ultimate Ketel One Bloody Mary – Sunday morning favoriteSorrento Sling photo copyright Cheri Loughlin - Cocktail Stock Photography

Ultimate Ketel One Cosmopolitan – Great Girl’s Night Out choice

Ultimate Ketel One Screwdriver – A fresh squeezed stand-by

Ultimate Ketel One Lemonade – Lemonade stand for adults

Ultimate Ketel One Citroen Martini – Citrus twist on the classic Martini

Ultimate Ketel One Mojito – Worth all the muddled effort

Ultimate Ketel One & Tonic – Anytime refresher

Ultimate Ketel One Lemon Drop Martini – Cocktail version of the shot favorite

Ultimate Ketel One Martini – Classic is always in style

Recipe provided by representatives of Ketel One Vodka

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