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Cheri LouglinI am Cheri Loughlin, a mad scientist behind the bar, cocktail consultant and photographer. I enjoy sharing and creating cocktail recipes that are delicious, fun and easy to recreate for home entertaining and bar use. I love capturing the beauty of the cocktail experience from the fields and farmer’s markets where ingredients are gathered to the tables and bars where drinks are served. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the splendor of the cocktail is captured and shared by the camera lens and click of a button.

Meet the Author

This is me. I love to shake things up. This time I’m shaking things up from bar to bedroom by pairing cocktails with sexy stories and vignette photography. My erotic writing began by adding sensual words to my daily to-do list. Let’s face it; to-do lists and errands are boring. But they aren’t so taxing when I’m crafting a sexy story in my head all day. The dry cleaner, grocery clerk, and liquor store manager will never look at me the same!

I develop signature drink recipes with cocktail photography for liquor companies and artisanal brands as The Intoxicologist by day. When I’m not creating cocktails or photographing them, I’m reading, writing or making a list!

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Cheri Loughlin is the Omaha writer and photographer behind and author of Cocktails with a Tryst: An Affair with Mixology and Seduction. You can email Cheri with comments and questions at