Sponsored Editorial Opportunities for PR firms and brands at www.intoxicologist.netIt is just not possible for me write about and share every recipe, story, event, product launch, press release and photo that appears in my inbox. For that reason I have opened up sponsored editorial opportunities to PR firms and brands.

My readers have made it clear throughout the years that they do not want to see pop-up, banner or sidebar advertising on The Intoxicologist site. I’m not a fan of this type of advertising either. I would much rather read a well thought out article highlighting the specifics of a recipe or spirit.

Are you a PR firm or brand with recipes or information you think would be interesting to The Intoxicologist readers? Are you willing to let readers know why your specific recipe is ideal for the season, holiday or special occasion? Is there a specific reason your spirit is best in a specific recipe rather than something else on the market? Do you have a unique bar tool for professional or novice bartenders? Do you have a product or tips that make entertaining easier for the home bartender? Have you recently launched a new spirit with tasting notes and creative direction for the professional or home bartender?

Social Media Sponsored Editorial Opportunities available with www.intoxicologist.net

If the answer is yes to any of those questions there are sponsored editorial opportunities available to you through The Intoxicologist. If you are a PR firm or brand and would like to work together to bring your information to The Intoxicologist readers, please check out my 2015 Editorial Calendar and Media Kit here.

Please contact me at str8upcocktails [at] gmail.com for more information.

[All sponsored editorial content shared through The Intoxicologist site is clearly marked as such for the benefit of the reader and consumer in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission.]

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  • February 22, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Our store’s name is Holiday Wine Cellar, because the founder believed that “everyday is a holiday [when you’re above ground]”. Thank you for creating such a well thought out and aesthetically pleasing layout for us to benchmark these special and note worthy holidays!

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