I’m Cheri Loughlin. Thanks for visiting The Intoxicologist site. It is always a pleasure to entertain, inform and update long time readers and new ones! I love taking photos, making cocktails, playing with new spirits and those that have been around the block for decades. I love the feedback you give via Facebook and Twitter. It’s a wonderful give and take Cheri Loughlin Photography Ethics Statement Page 041-800community with so much sharing of ideas. It’s been hard work and I just love how it comes together every day! So, thanks for reading, sharing your ideas and giving your opinions even when (especially when) they aren’t parallel to mine. That’s how we learn more and grow.

Much of the content on my site is editorial post. I never “sell” my opinion in editorial post. That applies to all other social networking outlets. Every post and every page is my creation, unless it is otherwise stated. My opinions are always my own regardless of payment. Reviews are always clearly my opinion; good or bad. Companies frequently send products to me for free for the purpose of sampling. Free does not sway my opinion positively or negatively.

Sometimes I review products that I have purchased myself due to my own personal interest. Purchasing the product also does not sway my opinion positively or negatively.

How I review: I do my best to taste a product (or cocktail) and just say as fairly as possible what I think it tastes like so you as a reader/consumer can take that information and fuse it with flavors you recognize and other reviews you’ve read for a more rounded guide to form your own conclusions of whether you might like it for yourself. Based on my flavor preferences, I consider what other cocktails it might function well in.

Sometimes a spirit comes along that isn’t something I would necessarily buy and stock in my liquor cabinet, but that’s a personal choice. As a reviewer I look for the intention of the spirit. As a spirit, is it well made, with good flavor and would it be workable in quite a few cocktails? Not every spirit is supposed to be high end, with historical background, served neat or in stirred only cocktails. Some are meant for Friday night fun or laid back Saturday afternoon barbeques. I do my best to find the balance and offer that balance as fairly as possible in my reviews.

That being said, I do not review everything that comes along.

There are some sponsored posts on my site. These are clearly marked as such. These posts are sponsored through payment and/or through product and recipes. In some cases I cover events where companies sponsor the trip. Sponsorship posts may contain brand and/or company information, however my opinions will always be my own regardless of payment or sponsorship.

I am also a paid cocktail consultant and photographer to beverage companies. Some of the cocktails and photography that companies have purchased from me are on the site in post with permission from said companies. Each post is clearly marked as a “commissioned” cocktail. I have chosen to place these cocktails on the site as part of personal branding. These beverage companies have not asked for product placement.

I know you are busy like me and everyone else, and I hope you come here because I have expertise pertaining to spirits and cocktails. I value your trust and will always give you my honest opinion. If you ever have any concerns or questions, please contact me.

Cheri Loughlin

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