Camarena Tequila Silver On the Rocks - photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

Camarena Tequila Silver Tasting Notes

100% Puro de Agave Azul

40% Alcohol – 80 Proof

Camarena Tequila Silver Stopper photo copyright Cheri LoughlinTaste: Strong earthy / grassy. Deep agave presence. Heated warmth in the sip, but not burny. Flavorful bite on the back end. Clean taste.

Would most likely hold up well in handmade margaritas. Also nicely sipped neat or on the rocks. Rarely do I opt for tequila shots, so I won’t start now, but… chill this on ice and savor with a few fresh lime wedges for refreshing bite.

Another flavor that comes to mind to mix Camarena Tequila Silver with is watermelon juice with just the tequila served on the rocks. The light simpler sweetness of summer served with this tequila would be ideal with its rich flavored warmth.

Camarena Tequila Reposado Tasting Notes

Camarena Tequila Reposado w Measurer - photo copyright Cheri LoughlinTaste: Cinnamon with marshmallow fluff buried within. Cinnamon reminds me of the kick one gets with flavored cinnamon toothpicks. Hot, biting at first but then eases quickly into tasty spicy flavor. Hint of mint such as spearmint. Nice agave, but not quite as pronounced as the Camarena Tequila Silver.

Great for sipping over ice for a certainty. Would also be grand in the usual fare of tequila cocktails, but might be even better with classic cocktail twist; red vermouth, bitters, fresh orange juice, vanilla liqueur or fresh puree with squeeze of lemon or lime. Might also work excellently with Campari, Aperol or Dubonnet Rouge.

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Review: Camarena Tequila

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