While nothing will ever replace the classic Manhattan, Beam Global Wine & Spirit’s release of Red Stag by Jim Beam opened the door for innovation and a twist on the traditional.An adaptation of the Manhattan that includes both Jim Beam Original and Red Stag by Jim Beam might win over a few more bourbon newbies.

Stag Manhattan – created by Cheri Loughlin

Stag Manhattan - Cocktail creation & Recipe Card Creation by Cheri Loughlin - photo copyright Cheri Loughlin1-3/4 measure Jim Beam Original Bourbon

1/4 measure Red Stag by Jim Beam

3 to 4 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

Maraschino Cherry Garnish

Combine liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice.  Shake thoroughly.  Strain into a small cocktail glass.  Garnish with cherry.

The black cherry flavor of the Red Stag still takes a more prominent place in the cocktail than sweet vermouth would, but this is a variation rather than the classic drink.  This will never take the place of an original Manhattan, but it may indeed bring non-traditional bourbon drinkers to the table for a taste of something a little different than their usual taste of base spirits.

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Stag Manhattan