Banks Rum Review Sample photo copyright Cheri LoughlinBanks Rum Tasting Notes

Imported. 43% alcohol. 86 Proof.

Banks Rum Tasting photo copyright Cheri LoughlinAroma: Lots of butterscotch. Similar to round flat disk butterscotch candies. No burn on the nose. Gives suggestion of thick rather than thin rum simply from the luxurious aroma.

Taste: Bit of burn tasted neat. Contains butterscotch flavor notes, but not as sweetened as aroma suggests. Barely any aftertaste. Flavor is there, lingers a moment and then dissipates.

With ice: Much of the alcohol burn is taken away. Deep mellow flavor left in its place. Warming. Finished flavor is retained longer on the taste buds. More defined vanilla / butterscotch remains. Coffee to mocha note comes through just barely.

Reminds me of 10 Cane Rum in some respects. Flavors lovely on the tongue with slightly buttery notes that give the illusion of sweetened decadence without the sugary sweet factor. Would be simply divine in handcrafted Daiquris.

Banks Rum sample for review courtesy representatives of Banks Rum.

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Review: Banks Rum