Pucker Raspberry Rave Vodka 021 copyright Cheri LoughlinPucker Raspberry Rave Tasting Notes

35% alcohol / 70 proofPucker Raspberry Rave Vodka 023 copyright Cheri Loughlin

Aroma: Very faint raspberry aroma. Slight alcohol aroma.

Tasted Neat: Instant sweet flavor, but not as sweet as a liqueur. What comes to mind with the first sip; immediate memory of cherry cough syrup with its slight burn. Bit of fruited berry caught in between alcohol taste and burn.

Chocolate would work very well with this. Coffee flavors, too. Possibly an iced chocolate raspberry coffee latte. Simple Sprite or 7-UP mixers would give this a gentle nudge toward refreshing.

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Review: Pucker Raspberry Rave Flavored Vodka
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