Barefoot Paradise Retreat: bubbly moscato recipe -

Small indulgences are an ideal getaway when lengthy vacation is out of the question. Enjoy a summer escape anytime with the Barefoot Paradise Retreat bubbly cocktail.

Barefoot Paradise Retreat Recipe

Barefoot Paradise Retreat – recipe by Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist

1-1/2 ounce Watermelon Juice

1/2 ounce Raspberry Syrup

3/4 ounce Lemon Juice

3 ounces Barefoot Pink Moscato

Combine juices and syrup in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to chill. Strain into champagne flute. Top with Barefoot Pink Moscato.

The Barefoot Paradise Retreat bubbly recipe was commissioned by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly as part of the Corporate Mixology program offered by Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist. Find more recipes created by Cheri Loughlin for Barefoot Wine & Bubbly on this site and at and by following Barefoot Wine on Facebook.

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Barefoot Paradise Retreat