Did you know there are additional interesting things about liquor other than the spirit in the bottle?  Take for instance Zacapa Rum 23.  Each bottle of Zacapa Rum 23 is wrapped with a petaté ring symbolizing the “unity of everything.”  These petaté rings are created in the Guatemalan township of Jocotán.  Their production supports the employment of an entire community.  How about that?  If you think about it, each time you purchase a bottle of Zacapa Rum 23 you ensure the stability of Jocotán’s economy. 

Certainly that is merely a fun little fact about the Zacapa Rum 23 bottle.  The spirit inside is truly what sets Zacapa apart from all others.  Zacapa is one of the finest and most celebrated rums in the world.  It is produced in the lush land of Guatemala.  The unique combination of soil, climate and natural materials combined with expert distillation and a special high altitude aging process 8,000 feet above sea level in the “house above the clouds” give Zacapa Rum 23 its exceptional flavor. 

Official tasting notes for the Zacapa Rum 23 are below.  Notes on more of the Zacapa favorites are listed on the site as well. 

Color: Dark mahogany

Body: Dense with marvelous complexities of aroma and flavor; thick legs that fall slowly.

Nose: Great intensity, sweet with notes of wood.  Sweet fruitiness, vanilla, almond, chocolate, toasted wood and delicate hints of spice.

Taste: Dense and exceptionally balanced, very long aftertaste.

Finish: Attractive and evocative.  Elegant and noble.

For drinking alone or on the rocks; a loyal and perfect companion for a quality cigar.

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Zacapa Rum 23: Exceptional Flavor & Fun Fact of the Day