Blackheart Rum Tasting with Shot Glass - photo property of Cheri Loughlin

Blackheart Spiced Rum might have left a legendary trail of broken hearts from shore to shore in the past as the cunning seductress of the high seas left rum lovers in her wake without means to partake of her delicious bottled spirit.  However Heaven Hill Distilleries opened the sultry seductress’ cache box for all to enjoy a spirited nip of her tasty goodness.  The mistress of the high seas no longer leaves broken hearts where she travels, but rather satiated appetites and flavorful sips.

Blackheart Rum Infusion with Buttered Pineapple and Allspice - photo property of Cheri LoughlinBlackheart Spiced Rum brings a mouthful of vanilla to the taste experience with the teeniest hint of orange in the far reaches of the background taste.  Perhaps there is a miniscule hint of lemon peel as well.  Almond flavor comes across as primary with the vanilla.

This particular rum adds a hint of depth to ordinary rum cocktails, bringing diversity to the palate.  Works well in tropical drinks and those with a flair toward warmer tones.  Lacking in spice depth on its own, but spicy characters can be pulled out of this spirit when balanced against warmer toned ingredients.

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Blackheart Spiced Rum: Seductively Satisfying