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The common thread that runs through the Rum Jumbie Splash line of spirits seems to be sugar, sugar and even more sugar.  The website weaves a tale of secret ‘Jumbies’ or spirits trapped within the alcoves of the Caribbean Island guarding the long sought after Rum recipe of the ancients.  If one were to consume Rum, one of the ‘Jumbies’ or Rum spirits would possess the person.  The person would in turn dance to the beat of the congas all night long.  Since Rum Jumbie Liqueur is a product of the undiscovered recipe of the ancients, drinking this liqueur will in turn awaken the same ‘Rum Jumbie’ spirits from long ago.  My theory is the spirit that consumes one when drinking one of the Rum Jumbie Splash flavored rums is the drinker just might be the overwhelmed by the sugar rush.

Though many spirits portray a picture of ‘sips well neat, on the rocks or in mixed drinks’, the Rum Jumbie line of flavored rums appear to have one purpose and one only; tropical mixer.  The significant sweet aspect to the spirit might make this challenging to sip for extended periods of time neat, but adds a plus factor to the equation for mixing economical tropical drinks with less need for additional sugared mixers.  Combining two or three of the Rum Jumbie flavored Rums with an additional splash of club soda or fruit juice renders multiple fruit layered drinks.

Rum Jumbie Flavored Rum Tasting - photo property of Cheri LoughlinRum Jumbie Pineapple Splash

Aroma: Fresh Pineapple without burn

Taste: Extremely Sweet.  Burn from the overly sweetness that overtakes the mere alcohol burn that is usually present in spirits.  More pineapple aroma than occurs in the flavor, but pineapple flavor definitely exists.  Artificial in taste.

Rum Jumbie Mango Splash

Aroma: Reminds a little of powdery sweetness of WONKA SweeTARTS.  A little sting in the nose with the sweet, but non-alcoholic burn.

Taste: Definite artificial flavor comes across in the taste.  Powdered candy taste exactly as signified in aroma.

Rum Jumbie Coconut Splash

Aroma: Faint coconut. No sweet. Doesn’t present as ‘suntan oil’ in the aroma as some coconut spirits do in the aroma.

Taste: Light coconut. Overpowered again by the sweetness factor.  Slight metallic in the very end taste, but vaguely there. Might be missed entirely if not focused on it.

Rum Jumbie four flavors - photo property of Cheri LoughlinRum Jumbie Vanilla Splash

Aroma: It took a couple of whiffs to capture the full effect of vanilla, but then it was definitely there.  The vanilla comes forth with faint sugar and a little burn.

Taste: Again sugar is primary. Vanilla is round and lush, but again too buried beneath the sugar to maintain any sort of depth to the spirit.

Each Rum Jumbie flavored Rum is bottled at 24% alcohol by volume with a price point of approximately $16.00.  This lends itself to lower alcohol content cocktails if one sticks to Rum Jumbie flavored Rum as the primary base spirit.

Rum Jumbie flavored Rum samples for review courtesy Talbert Communications, Ltd.  All opinions, reviews and spirits’ coverage contained within are the personal opinion and decision of Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist.

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Rum Jumbie Flavored Rums Ideal for Economical Sweet Tropical Drink Recipes