GIVEN Lime Infused Tequila Liqueur and Agavero Tequila Liqueur - photo property of Cheri Loughlin - The Intoxicologist

First impressions of GIVEN Lime Infused Tequila Liqueur: Sleek black bottle, but tequila liqueur produced in France?  This is not the usual tequila infusion.GIVEN Lime Infused Tequila Liqueur Cork Broken from Lid - photo property of Cheri Loughlin - The Intoxicologist  The literature only says the infusion process takes place in France for the purpose of utilizing wine and cognac techniques.

Upon opening the bottle the sophisticated cork style closure broke apart, coming unglued from the plastic lid.  A handy wine cork was needed to open the bottle.  The short cork can no longer be placed all the way back in the bottle.  This sort of ruins the stylish look of the bottle design for future storage. 

GIVEN Lime Infused Tequila Liqueur

Appearance and Aroma: Light in color such as straw or corn syrup.  Lightly golden.  Sweet, agave, burnt sugar and lime.

GIVEN Lime Infused Tequila Liqueur - photo property of Cheri Loughlin - The IntoxicologistTaste: Extreme lime.  Almost flinched not expecting the instantaneous draw of sour as it took me by surprise.  Hint of drying to the middle of the tongue.  Sweet comes round but does not take to the forefront over sour.  Think Sweetarts candies just as the thin coating of sugar wears thin before the tartness breaks through.  The two combine for sour sweetness that tangles the taste buds into riotous, rhythmic pleasure.  The mouth waters with desire for more wondering what just sent the never endings into chaotic wanderlust. 

This isn’t to say my first choice would be pouring shots of GIVEN Lime Infused Tequila Liqueur for sipping or shooting.  What GIVEN has succeeded in doing is opening the spirit world to yet another possibility for cocktail expression.  Perhaps GIVEN Lime Infused Tequila Liqueur with club soda or ginger ale as simple starter option would suffice.  GIVEN would also serve well in an assortment of favorite tequila drink recipes and those topped with champagne. 

Since GIVEN enters the tequila liqueur world, how does GIVEN stack up when compared against Agavero Tequila Liqueur?

Agavero Tequila Liqueur

Agavero Tequila Liqueur - photo property Cheri Loughlin - The IntoxicologistAppearance and Aroma: Amber to bronze in color.  Heave notes of agave with definite reflection of tequila spirit.  Richly warm and spicy.

Taste: Much sweeter than GIVEN, but Agavero is a much different spirit.  Smooth.  Warm.  Spicy.  Silky.  Finish carries well for long lasting warmth.  Sweetness does not overwhelm spirit, but definitely enhances.  Honeyed, brown sugar roundness.  Much more delicate in nature. 

Comparing GIVEN and Agavero is only basic as they are both tequila liqueurs that serve the same purpose; use in cocktail recipes.  From that point forth they vary.  Agavero Tequila Liqueur retains the warmth of the tequila spirit with delicacy of the Damiana flower, thought to have aphrodisiac properties.  Sweetness of Agavero remains gentle enough for slow sipping purposes and inclusion in cocktail recipe inclusion.  Its diversity carries further from shot to snifter to cocktail glass.

GIVEN Lime Infused Tequila Liqueur and Agavero Tequila Liqueur Comparison - photo property of Cheri Loughlin - The Intoxicologist

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GIVEN Lime Infused Tequila Liqueur sample for review courtesy GIVEN Imports Ltd.  All opinions, reviews and spirits’ coverage contained within are the personal opinion and decision of Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist. 

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