Tasting The Lash Rum almost becomes a game of “Would You Rather.”

Would you rather have a frozen dinner or freshly prepared meal by your favorite chef? Would you rather serve cocktails from a pre-made bottled mixer or have your favorite bartender shake freshly prepared cocktails to you and your party guests all evening long? Would you rather sip standard spiced rum with vague hints of spice or spiced rum that strikes out with bounteous flavor infusion and real spice deliciousness?

The Lash Spiced Rum Tasting Notes

The Lash Tasted Neat 1 photo copyright Cheri Loughlin35% alcohol. 70 proof.

Brilliant, rich color.

Aroma: Fabulous. Spicy indeed. Clove. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. This makes me want to run to my spice cabinet and open everything!

Taste: Molasses. Bit of dryness rather than sticky sweetness. Almost chewy in flavor, but not heavy in weight. Coffees. Hardly any vanilla. Rich mocha.

Definitely spiced rum to fall in love with! Phenomenal with chocolate covered espresso beans, too. Picking up the bottle one will notice a few floaters. This is due to settling of spices within The Lash. There are real spices used in the flavor process. The Lash is 4 year Oak Aged West Indies Rum using Bourbon Vanilla extract and natural spices.

The Lash Spiced Sidecar 1 photo copyright Cheri LoughlinSpiced Sidecar

2 ounces Spiced Rum

1 ounce Brandy or Cognac

3/4 ounce Cointreau

1/2 ounce Lemon Juice

Orange Twist

Place ice in large rocks glass. Add liquid ingredients in order given. Stir. Garnish with fresh orange twist over glass.

Delicious. Beats plain rum and coke hands down. This mixture retains the fortitude of The Lash. Bump up Cointreau to full ounce if this isn’t sweet enough for your taste. But it is assuredly magnificent.

The Lash sample for review courtesy representatives of The Lash. 

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Classic Sidecar Gets Spicy
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