Mussed Do Me champagne cocktail from short story Lather, Rinse, Repeat - Cocktails with a Tryst: An Affair in Mixology and Seduction by Cheri Loughlin Girls Night Out or Couples Night In: 12 seductive tales paired with 25 sensual themed cocktails

When the moment is right and you crave satisfaction…Right. This. Instant. It’s a Mussed Do Me moment. Life’s too short to wait.

Mussed Do Me is a champagne cocktail with simple syrup, fresh lime juice and fresh lime twist. This drink recipe accompanies the Lather, Rinse, Repeat short story in the book Cocktails with a Tryst: An Affair with Mixology and Seduction. Order your signed copy today through The Intoxicologist site and gain access to exclusive content: story snippets, reading lists, photos, etc.

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Mussed Do Me