One of the things I love about writing this blog is discovering new things.  When readers write in to ask questions, I usually end up learning something, too.  Anne N. wrote in to ask how to make an XO Martini.  That in turn led me to the Jean-Marc XO website and a survey sponsored by JMXO Vodka regarding the perfect martini.  Anne found out the sophisticated XO Martini is sumptuous, yet basically easy to make.  While the JMXO Vodka is not new, it is to me.  JMXO Vodka - photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

Yesterday I finally had the chance to sample “The World’s Perfect Vodka” known as JMXO.  With vodka so prevalent on the market there must be something distinctive and remarkable to separate one from another beyond the obvious bottle décor.    JMXO Vodka establishes the extraordinary within the spirit and encases it with a sleek exterior. 

There is no alcohol burn on the nose even when taking the scent of JMXO in fully.  A slight sweetness with the roundness of almonds shines through in the aroma.  JMXO is incredibly silky with delicate sweetness and hints of luscious coconut and almond.  It plays beautifully on the tip of the tongue and smoothes to perfection over the back.  This is exactly how JMXO Vodka tastes when sipped neat.

I chose my martini chilled with lemon twist, no vermouth.  Perfection in a glass. 

For the survey mentioned above: Is There Such Thing As a Perfect Martini? Jean-Marc XO’s Survey Says…  To learn all about JMXO: the ingredients, how it is crafted, the history and where JMXO receives its fabulous flavor…take a look at the website and enjoy the music while you roam on your own or allow the guide to take you on a tour.

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JMXO Vodka: Learning New Things Is Luxurious Experience
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