Surely you haven’t chosen Valentine’s Day as the day for a first date, but just in case – those first date butterflies may have already settled in your stomach and taken root in the toes.  First dates can be tricky enough, but made awful with pressure from all the schmooze of Valentine’s Day.  No worries. writer, Oliver Jameson, steers men clear of the blank stare and eye roll they might otherwise receive from their date by picking risky topics of conversation and tripping over their own tongues.  Jameson gives a quick rundown of ten safe topics to talk about for an evening of fail-safe chatter to take the flutter out of the butterflies.

Plymouth Gin proposes the Butterflies Cocktail for any date night.  This beautiful gin rendition just might bring the first date jitters into second date blushing range if everyone participates in enjoyable conversation, responsible sipping and keeps a little of that feel good fluttery feeling tingling in their tummy. It’s the feeling of romance after all.

Temptation 5 photo copyright Cheri LoughlinButterflies Cocktail

3/4 ounce Plymouth Gin

3/4 ounce Lime Juice

3/4 ounce Apple Jack Brandy

2 teaspoons Grenadine

Combine liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake to blend and chill.  Strain into a martini glass.  For first dates around the NYC area stop into Little Branch (review) for the Butterflies Cocktail.   Another version of the Butterfly Cocktail can be found in the Cocktail Database using Dubonnet Rouge.

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Romance the Butterflies Cocktail
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