Diamond Vodka is the ideal way to indulge for National Jewel DayTime to indulge!

Quirky holiday today – Jewel Day.  Nope I’m not asking for gems.  Don’t send me jewelry.  I know you were heading right to the jewelry store and off to UPS or Fed Ex.  But really I went straight to my bar stock…Diamond Standard Vodka.  It’s expensive, but well, reader Mark figured it was worth it.  So, I knew I was worth it, too.

“I just tried this and it was wonderful.” – Mark, commented March 9, 2009

Price notwithstanding, Diamond Standard Vodka certainly makes a tasty straight up martini.  There is only lemon zest in here ladies and gentlemen.  No vermouth.  Tonight no review, just a tourist sitting at a bar telling you this makes an honest to goodness perfectly rewarding martini to unwind with after a long week.

In case you are wondering:

Diamond Standard Vodka Martini – Intoxicologist Style

2 to 3 ounces Diamond Standard Vodka

Lemon Twist for Garnish

Zest the lemon twist over a martini glass so the essential oils spatter into the glass.  Coil the lemon into the glass.  Shake or stir the Diamond Standard Vodka over ice in a cocktail shaker for fifteen seconds.  Strain into cocktail glass with the lemon twist.  Enjoy heartily!

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Jewel Day: Diamonds Are the Standard
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