Watermelon Punch Drink - One Good Pinch PunchKeeping the spark alive in relationships is a full time task.  Though it is difficult at times, the reward is in knowing the embers still glow bright beneath all the responsibilities of life.  Poker players have subtle ‘tells’ that give away when they are bluffing or have a fabulous hand.  Men have the same slight signals that let their partner know their value and importance.  Perhaps it is as gentlemanly as holding doors open or as charming as bringing morning coffee in bed.  It might be as obvious as a pinch on the fanny or full on playful butt grab in public for the heck of it.  Reading your man’s secret signals is like having an ace up your sleeve.  Glamour.com gives twelve more gestures men make that might indicate the level of their commitment.

One Good Pinch Punch – created by Phil Ward

2 ounces Flor de Caña 7 year-aged rum

1 seedless Watermelon

One good pinch of Cayenne Pepper

4 Sugar Cubes

1 ounce Lime juice

1 ounce Club soda

Dissolve sugar cubes in club soda.  Add watermelon to mixture.  Muddle.  Add remaining ingredients one at a time and stir.  Chill.  Multiply recipe to fill a traditional size punch bowl if desired.

Flor de Cana Rum is the only rum from Nicaragua.  Flor de Cana rums are naturally aged for the number of years printed on the bottle.  There are never additives used to accelerate the aging process.

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One Good Pinch Punch & Other Secret Signals
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