Quite honestly I wasn’t sure this cocktail would make the cut for my palate.  The wide net appeal centered upon its inclusion of Cynar, artichoke based bitter found within the liqueur section.  Middle ground curiosity hinged upon Lillet, a classic French aperitif known for its inclusion in the martini James Bond once sipped with style, the Vesper.  The recipe’s simplicity is winner without a doubt, but left me skeptical at best.  However tasting is believing!

Burnt Orange Kir – created by Ted & Linda Fondulas, Hemingway’s, Killington, Vermont

Find the recipe in New Classic Cocktails by Gary Regan

Burnt Orange Kir - photo property of Cheri Loughlin2 parts Lillet Blanc – chilled

1/4 to 1/2 part Cynar Artichoke Liqueur

3 inch Orange Peel Garnish

Place Lillet and Cynar in mixing glass with ice.  Stir to chill.  Strain into chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with freshly flamed orange twist.

Definitely opt for the full amount of Cynar.  Though Cynar leans toward bitter with abundant full bodied flavor, if you’re thinking about consuming this cocktail you’re no doubt already a lover of this particular spirit.  It’s a winner.  Burnt Orange Kir begins on the breezy side of simply sweet with Lillet gaining high ground, but finishes with slightly drying, bitter fullness on the back end.  Perfectly balances as this cocktail leaves the tongue with desire for more, more, more.

March 16 celebrates the artichoke ~ National Artichoke Heart Day


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Burnt Orange Kir Cocktail Glowing Success
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