Negroni Virtuoso: Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Artichoke Liqueur, Sparkling Moscato Wine -

The classic Negroni happens to be a particular favorite no matter the season perhaps due to its dry, yet rich flavor profile.  While this drink is most commonly served on the rocks according to bartenders and reliable cocktail recipe books, my preferred method of serve is straight up in a cocktail glass.  The flavor renders too perfectly to allow ice to water it down even an nth.  Savoring the essence of the cocktail is experiencing wonderment at its finest.  To rush ahead of ice melt would be such a shame.

March 16 is National Artichoke Heart Day. Cheers!

Though the Negroni shines as is, experimentation with this exquisite classic cocktail renders delicious results.  Not long ago the Naughty Negroni recipe, found in The Bubbly Bar by Maria C. Hunt, caught my eye for obvious reasons.  The drink presents well for celebratory occasions while maintaining the characteristic dry to bitter undercurrent of Campari.  Since that time various renditions of the Negroni with champagne topper have come to my attention.  Each presents well on the palate, but invites the imagination for more creative play.

Negroni Virtuoso Recipe

Negroni Virtuoso – created by Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist

An adaptation of the classic Negroni & variation of the Naughty Negroni

1 ounce Hendrick’s Gin

3/4 ounce Cynar Artichoke Liqueur

1/2 ounce Carpano Antica Formula

2 ounces Moscato Spumante

Orange Twist

Combine Hendrick’s Gin, Cynar and Carpano Antica Formula in mixing glass with ice.  Stir until well chilled.  Strain into champagne flute.  Zest fresh orange peel over top and insert twist into flute.  Top with Moscato Spumante. – Cynar and Carpano Antica Formula both combine to add lush richness with tinge of bitterness, softened by the light sweetness of the Moscato Spumante.

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Recreating a Classic: Negroni Virtuoso
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