Wine Wednesday
Happy Wine Wednesday!

Today is once again #WineWednesday around the Twitter world.  As is the case many Tweets come in wishing toasts of happy #WW and passing well wishes for bloggers and writers of the vine.  Suggestions of quality sips and good values come across the view.  Rather than letting them pass by with mere Retweet (RT), today it is time to share the wine wisdom of fellow wine aficionados who have been so willing to share their friendship, time and expertise. Wine Harlots the virtue of vice blog says, “Today we live the lush life with @CornerstoneNapa’s cabernet.”  Wine Harlots reviews Cornerstone Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  Pair it with lush food tastes and the simple life.  What I find extremely attractive about this wine pairing is a music match as well.  Check out the review and Wine Harlots entire blog site.  Find Wine Harlots on Twitter, too. @petitfranceblog suggests, “Rosè from Le Galantin, small but well-known domaine here in Provence…excellent way to beat the heat.”  The Le Petit France Blog sweeps delicate beauty into the day with wine, food, fashion and many things France inspired.  There is one photo essay post of a Wine Tasting at La Fete du Vin that mentions Le Galantin.  Be sure to have a look. Cecile Costa never fails to wish a happy #WineWednesday to many.  Her website and blog happen to be written in French, but with the help of the Google translator bar the site is fabulous to read.  Currently Cecile has Fleur de Vigne posted on the blog page with a series of photographs showing the cycle of leaves and flower buds which eventually form into grapes.  It’s fascinating and must have been time consuming to not only photograph, but put together for the post.  Thank you Cecile for the lesson.  There is so much more to the Domaine Revelh website.  Have a look around and follow Cecile_Costa on Twitter. Wine glass tilted just before drinking There are many wonderful wine lovers and writers who share their opinions and knowledge of the vine on Twitter through chit chat and linking blog postings.  Join the chatter any day or chime in for #WineWednesday (#WW) sometime.

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