Try to stop the flow of liquor to throngs of people and what happens?  Someone somewhere finds a source and supplies the demand.  Canadian Club Whisky may have been the unofficial sponsor of Prohibition in America by default due to proximity to the border, but Canadian Club officially scored a lucrative position with bootleggers, mob bosses and those wanting to smuggle a little spirited action over the border during the roaring 20’s.  Canadian Club legally produced liquor during the 20’s in Canada.  Underhanded and wily men such as Al Capone operated lucrative smuggling operations using illegally made United States liquor and spirits obtained from over the border.  The new HBO series, Boardwalk Empire, explores the era of Prohibition.  Look closely and you’ll see Canadian Club incorporated throughout the show.

Boy’s Club Cherry Sour – created by Cheri Loughlin

2 parts Canadian Club Whisky

3/4 parts Fresh Lemon Juice

1/2 part Fresh Orange Juice

1 part Maraschino Cherry Juice

2 dashes Angostura Orange Bitters

Orange Wheel and Maraschino Cherry Garnish

Combine liquids in cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake vigorously until frothy.  Strain into rocks glass over fresh ice.  Garnish with orange wheel and maraschino cherry.  Optional egg white may be added in cocktail shaker with liquids if desired for more froth effect.

Boardwalk Manhattan – adapted by Cheri Loughlin from classic Manhattan

Boardwalk Manhattan with Canadian Club adapted by Cheri Loughlin - The Intoxicologist2 parts Canadian Club Whisky

3/4 part Red Vermouth

1/2 part Apricot Brandy

Barspoon Maraschino Cherry Juice

Maraschino Cherry Garnish

Place barspoon maraschino cherry juice and maraschino cherry in well of chilled martini glass.  Set aside.  Place remaining liquid ingredients in mixing glass with ice.  Stir until chilled.  Strain into prepared martini glass.

Tea-Totaller Teaser – created by Cheri Loughlin

Tea-Totaller Teaser with Canadian Club created by Cheri Loughlin - The Intoxicologist1-1/2 part Canadian Club Whisky

1/2 part Blackberry Brandy

3/4 part Cassis

3/4 part Fresh Lemon Juice

3 parts Blackberry Sage Tea or Plain Tea

Lemon Wedge – optional

Build ingredients in tall glass over fresh ice leaving tea as final topper.  Garnish with lemon wheel if desired.

Every formal affair needs an appropriate drink to dress the occasion in style.  The classic Old Fashioned needn’t be served in a martini glass to demand respect.  This particular drink demands attention with its sophistication and flair, much like gentlemen dressed to the nth degree with top hats and tuxes with tails.  Feel free to serve this drink for any circumstance (formal or casual) since it is a continual favorite of whiskey lovers everywhere.

The Top Hat – adapted by Cheri Loughlin from the classic Old Fashioned

The Top Hat with Canadian Club adaption by Cheri Loughlin - The Intoxicologist2 Maraschino Cherries

1/2 thick sliced Fresh Orange

4 dashes Angostura Bitters

4 dashes Orange Bitters

2 parts Canadian Club Whisky

Place fruits and bitters in cocktail shaker with ice.  Muddle.  Add Canadian Club Whisky and ice.  Shake vigorously to blend.  Strain into rocks glass over fresh ice to remove unnecessary pulp.

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Canadian Club Whisky provided for the purpose of cocktail sampling and creation courtesy SHIFT Communications

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