Incognito Wine Cork photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

Disguised behind Facebook, an anonymous Twitter handle or generic email everyone has the ability to pretend to be someone other than who they are in reality. Arriving at the internet party incognito with secret identity or under the guise as someone else becomes rather easy.  The mask allows for mysterious play for some and mischievous misdeeds for others.

Who would you be behind the mask?  What is your disguise?

Incognito Wine

Medium body. Slightly thinner in taste than the deep color alludes to. Blackberry flavor with slight bitter skin. Hint of orange skin and spice.

Incognito Wine photo copyright Cheri LoughlinWelcome to the Masquerade

I awoke from my dream, in a state of despair,

I stifled a scream, and let out a swear.

I saw her last night, the Lady in Red,

Flushed with delight, and clearly unwed.

Dancing and swirling, with such practiced ease,

Dipping and twirling, Like a rose in the breeze.

Attired in rouge, so devilishly displayed,

She smiled so true, at the wine masquerade. – Kevin Phillips

Poem from the back label of Incognito wine

Incognito wine was purchased out of pocket at a local retailer due to the thought provoking nature of the label.

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Going Incognito
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