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You know spring is in the air when scraps of fabric (ie: bathing suits) begin appearing on the sleek and slender mannequins that line our favorite retailers. Just the thought of spring and eventual summer brings warmth to my ice cold toes. But slipping into a bikini at the first sign of sunshine season sends a chill up my spine. If I want to enjoy Happy Hour, beach body means mixing low calorie cocktails at the bar.

There are several low calorie cocktails on the market in ready to serve bottled or prepackaged form. If you have already found a product you like that keeps you on track counting calories to keep your girlish figure, then definitely keep doing what works for you. I get bored with the same cocktail over and over. I refer to the low calorie cocktails I have created through the years for variety as well as the Counting Calories chart when I want to look up calorie count on various spirits.

Now grab your bikini and let’s head to the beach!

Tropical Beach Low Calorie Cocktail Recipe

Tropical Beach Low Calorie Cocktail 050
Tropical Beach

Tropical Beach – recipe by Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist

1 ounce Coconut Rum or Vodka

1/2 ounce Peach Schnapps

1-1/2 ounce Light Cranberry Juice

Combine liquids in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to blend and chill. Strain into chilled martini glass.

Tropical Beach contains lovely coconut back. It is a light, fruity low calorie cocktail worthy of a tropical vacation. Slip into your bikini and relax. Tropical Beach is simple to make and flavorful without blowing your calorie budget.

Approximately 110.5 Calories

Many of the drinks in the low calorie cocktail category on this site fall within the 100 to 150 calorie range. They are full sized cocktails with full bodied flavor. If you get the munchies while sipping, Greatist has 88 snacks to nosh without the guilt. They’re all under 100 calories! I’m totally into rocking the beach bod by moving and shaking. Women’s Health Magazine has a plan to get you bikini body ready in no time!

Bring on the sunshine, bikinis and cocktails… low calorie cocktails that is!

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Get Bikini Ready with Low Calorie Cocktails