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DORDA Double Chocolate Truffle Martini...Oh, My!Recipes provided by brand representatives unless otherwise stated. All comments, opinions, and tips are my own.

DORDA Double Chocolate liqueur is in a word…dangerous. In two words…oh, my! Sip it neat or on the rocks for the full chocolate rush, or try it in a cocktail.

Double Chocolate Truffle Martini – recipe by Cheri Loughlin

1 ounce DORDA Double Chocolate Liqueur

1 ounce Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

1/2 ounce Heavy Whipping Cream

1-1/2 ounce Strong Coffee or Espresso

Combine liquids in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to chill. Strain into a chilled martini glass

Coffee thins out the thick richness of the DORDA Double Chocolate liqueur just enough to make it more cocktail friendly. Hazelnut flavor is lightly laced throughout the drink. This combination of flavors tastes like a decadent creamy coffee only chilled. I think it would be equally good served over crushed ice in a tall glass, latte style. Feeling more adventurous? Place all the ingredients in a blender with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream and blend it until its creamy smooth. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and chocolate shavings and call it dessert. Oh, and call me over. We’ll share.

DORDA Double Chocolate Liqueur

DORDA Double Chocolate Truffle Martini...Oh, My!That’s exactly what I wrote down in my tasting notebook as soon as the DORDA Double Chocolate Liqueur passed my lips. Not exactly the words one usually finds in official tasting notes. But seriously, if chocolate can impress me it’s got to be good. I can walk by chocolate without flinching any day of the year, but this is the real deal good stuff.

First I sipped it neat, because that’s the best way to find out what it tastes like before dilution and mixers. Then I sipped it again and again before stopping myself to think about what I could say besides “fabulous!”

It’s thick and creamy. Truly thick and creamy. The double chocolate flavor is rich, dark, and delicious chocolate. It is chocolate meant to be rolled over the tongue and savored. I detect a hint of coffee, but not much. It’s very warming as it slides effortlessly over the tongue and down, down, down. It’s dangerous because it’s like sipping a decadent dark chocolate truffle. The rich kind of truffle that can only be savored in tiny nibbles because two truffles in a row would be overload. But then again, I went back to sipping DORDA neat again, because I wanted more.

This double chocolate liqueur tastes great neat or on the rocks. I think it would pair nicely with raspberry and peanut flavors, too. But don’t limit the possibilities there. Since it contained a hint of coffee I thought espresso would work well. And boy did it.

About DORDA Double Chocolate Liqueur

DORDA Double Chocolate Truffle Martini...Oh, My!DORDA Double Chocolate Liqueur combines Chopin Rye Vodka with luxury chocolate from Polish chocolatier E. Wedel. Chocolate is melted down and then Chopin Rye Vodka is added in just enough quantity to keep the chocolate in liquid form. So this isn’t chocolate vodka as one might expect. It is decadently rich liquid chocolate. The product is fairly new, launched in fall of 2014. Suggested retail price is approximately $25 for 750ml bottle.

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Dorda Double Chocolate Truffle Martini