Askaig 17 and 25 Year Old

Media Release: The single malts of Islay are arguably Scotland’s most talked about whiskies and are recognized for their sweet, fruity flavors and smoky, peaty character. Port Askaig, Specialty Drinks’ new range of single Islay malt whiskies, achieves the perfect balance of these flavors and embodies the unique spirit of Islay and its people.

The range has been developed to appeal to the novice whisky drinker while meeting the demands of the most discerning of whisky connoisseurs. Sukhinder Singh, one of the UK’s most respected whisky experts, has selected what he considers to be the most perfectly balanced Islay single malt and created a range that he believes will become recognized as a true Islay classic.

Each expression within the range, from the youthful yet powerful Cask Strength, to the perfectly-balanced 17 year old and the elegant and refined 25 Year Old, is bottled in limited batches each expected to last approximately one year. While recognizing that each bottling will vary, the aim is to achieve a consistency of quality and character over time. To ensure each whisky maintains its original flavor and character, the whiskies are not chill-filtered and no coloring is added.

In a world of change and innovation, there is still a place for the tried and tested approach. The traditional yet contemporary look of the packaging and expert cask selection will ensure Port Askaig can stand side by side with Islay’s more established brands. Remaining true to the practice of the early 1900’s, we bottle Port Askaig 17 & 25 year old at Imperial 80 proof (today’s 45.8%vol) and Cask Strength at Imperial 100 proof (57.1%vol).

Port Askaig Islay Tasting Notes

Port Askaig Cask Strength’s youthful, full-on character and long, powerful smoky finish is considered typical of younger single Islay malt whisky from this part of Islay.

Port Askaig 17 Year Old is considered the ‘flagship’ expression within the range. Initial sweet, light, fruity aromas give way to an elegant sweet honeyed nose and powerful peaty and wood smoked palate. Its mellow, lingering finish is considered a key character of older single Islay malt whiskies from this part of Islay.

Port Askaig 25 Year Old’s initial nose of exotic fruits evolves to unveil a honeyed, sweet mellow palate of subtle wood smoke, oak spice and vanilla. Its elegant complexity and long mellow finish – typical of older aged single Islay malt whisky – is achieved through slow ageing over many years in oak casks.

Towards the end of 2009 a ‘Special Release’ Port Askaig 30 Year Old will be added to the range.

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Port Askaig Islay: Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky