Remember Pixie Stix, the powdered candy that comes packaged in multi-colored wrappers that resemble drinking straws?  Their varietal of flavors is beginning to remind me of something else; Three Olives Vodka.  This is not meant to be an unflattering comparison, but rather an observance that came to me last night as the Three Olives Grape flavor wafted up from the tasting glass to jostle my memory to the days of ten year old bliss.  You know the days…carefree times before the teenage years of angst set in and high school loomed with decisions soon settling on the shoulders of “What Shall I Be?” when I grow up.  For those of you too young to relate, “What Shall I Be?” was a board game for girls with careers for the future (ie: nurse, stewardess, ballet dancer, teacher, actress or model).  Times have changed and girls have so many more choices with more role models to shape their future as well.  Thank goodness for change, advancement and of course variety.Three Olives Grape Vodka - photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

Three Olives Vodka never disappoints when it comes to variety.  When Three Olives launched Three-O Cherry and Three-O Grape in 2001 the flavored vodka market ignited bringing the flavored martini to a whole new level.  Three-O Bubble flavored vodka created the same frenzy with consumers looking for the newest mixer to splash in with their juicy fruit flavored vodka.  Three Olives may be serious about the quality of their vodka, but their flavor variety is all about fun and frivolity in a cocktail.  Three Olives seemingly creates vodka with the goal of celebrations, excitement and enjoyable experiences with friends.  Quite possibly it is the reason behind such flavors of Root Beer, Chocolate and Grape.  

Three Olives Grape

Aroma: Essentially sweet grape like that of Pixie Stix.  There is no alcohol burn on the nose.Three Olives Grape Vodka - photo copyright Cheri Loughlin 300

Flavor: This does not taste the least bit like fresh grapes.  It resembles grape soda pop without the fizz and sugar.  However, the grape flavor is replicated so well the imagination can almost duplicate the sense of sweetness one tastes in Grape Nehi Soda from the aroma alone.  The base vodka stands up well with the ultimate quality of Three Olives premium vodka.  It has medium body that rounds out on the palate without harshness.

Thoughts: Sampling this particular flavor left me with fond memories of penny candy, slumber parties with friends and playing outside barefoot as a kid.  It is amazing the small taste and scent of a vodka flavor can do that simple thing.  While sometimes I scan the shelf and think what in the world some companies are thinking with so many flavors and what in the world could possibly be done with some of the flavors they choose to release; now I know.  Sometimes it isn’t about a perfectly layered cocktail.  Sometimes it is about a simple cocktail with Sprite, Ginger Ale or Soda mixed in to make to make it fizz and then one’s own memory and friends to chat and make up the rest of the good time.

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Three Olives Grape Vodka: Stirring Up Memories
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2 thoughts on “Three Olives Grape Vodka: Stirring Up Memories

  • June 5, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    A friend of mine told me about a grape Three Olives. I thought he was talking about Purple (another grape based Three Olives flavor), and I wanted to make the Purple Passion. However, the liquor store I was at didn’t have the Purple, so we got Grape. Immediately, I tried it on ice and I could sip it rather quickly like that. It was pretty tasty. Then when I added the Sprite, it literally tasted like a Grape soda with a hint of lemon lime.

  • June 29, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    A co-worker suggested I try Three Olive Grape. In his words it was the bomb. So i ran to the store and brought a bottle. I sat down with my best friend and cracked it open. We tried it straight up. UGH!. We tried to mix it with various sodas and juices but we still thought it was disgusting. It had a very harsh taste that was rough on the throat and a very bitter after taste. It did not taste high quality. It tasted like something a kid that wants to get drunk would buy. Absolutely horrible.

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