The Monkey Gland cocktail became a fast favorite this summer in the Pernod Absinthe Tasting Room at Tales of the Cocktail ’09 in New Orleans.  Pernod Absinthe could have gone the truly strong route with raucous drink recipes that played up the strong character of the spirit.  Instead the drinks chosen drew in a crowd like me who might otherwise skip the spirit all together due to its overbearing nature.  Absinthe is usually a love it or leave it type spirit.  However, Pernod turned the tables by including cocktails that highlighted the spirit without turning the entire cocktail into a total licorice/anise taste fest.

Monkey Gland is an unfortunate name for such a lovely cocktail deep in luscious flavor, but a classic cocktail none the less in my opinion.  It retains beautiful color due to the orange juice and homemade grenadine inclusion.   By washing the glass with Pernod Absinthe rather than adding dashes into the drink itself, the cocktail maintains faint wisps of Absinthe flavor and aroma that are simply delightful.  Much of taste has to do with aroma.  Breathing in the Pernod Absinthe washed around the glass while sipping the Monkey Gland combines into something rather magnificent.

Monkey Gland Classic Cocktail Pernod Beefeater Gin - photo copyright Cheri LoughlinMonkey Gland

2 parts Beefeater Gin

1 part Orange Juice

1 teaspoon Grenadine

2 dashes Pernod Absinthe

Orange Zest Twist Garnish

Place Pernod Absinthe in a cocktail glass with ice.  Set aside.  Combine Beefeater Gin, orange juice and grenadine in a mixing glass with ice.  Shake to chill.  Toss Pernod Absinthe and ice from cocktail glass.  Strain contents of mixing glass into chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with orange zest twist.

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Absinthe Classic Cocktail Recipe: Monkey Gland
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