Shoofly Shiraz Wine photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

The name on the bottle is what drew me to this wine, Shoofly. My thought: What cares in the world… what people do we know… what responsibilities would we like to forget or say “Shoofly don’t bother me” to for merely a few hours or an entire evening?

Shoofly Shiraz 2009 Tasting

Shoofly Shiraz 2009 wine photo copyright Cheri LoughlinAerated

Aroma: Deep Cinnamon, lingering vanilla, simple sweetness without sugariness. Almost like a wafting of latte without the coffee.

Taste: Thinner than a cabernet which is what I generally steer toward, but this one still carries much sip worthy body. Rather than lush, full, plump berried sips, the flavor lingers sinuously as if weaving a tale of flavor over the tongue. There are subtle cinnamon notes to start that trail into vanilla and slight cream with faint berry mixed with toffee. Shoofly isn’t too tart, not too rich or too thin. It rests perfectly on the palate.

People, workload, day to day grind; they wear us down and occasionally disappoint. To them say “Shoofly” for a few hours at the end of the day. Allow Shoofly wine to be a nice whimsical diversion in the glass now and again. Shoofly Shiraz won’t disappoint.

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Shoofly Won’t Bother or Disappoint
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