79 new drink photos have been added to the Cocktail Stock Photography gallery. Images include holiday and generic themed drinks, snifter style served neat, martini style cocktails, those served on the rocks in old fashioned glasses and highball glasses as well as fluted champagne style cocktails.

High resolution images are available for immediate use with non-exclusive commercial or personal license to use purchased images in digital or print formats. Photos will not contain watermark after purchase. Cocktail Stock Photography images are excellent for building beverage brand portfolios and creating eye-catching cocktail menus. Cocktails may be renamed according to your needs.Cocktail Stock Photography 3-04-2012 - photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

New in Cocktail Stock Photography: March 5, 2012

Spiced Cherry Manhattan – 8 photos; holiday and generic themed background

Blue Bourbon Frost – 13 photos; holiday and generic themed background

Blushing Blue – 7 photos; holiday themed, fluted cocktail excellent for champagne or bubbly

Silver & Blue Bells / Festive Cocktail – 12 photos; holiday and generic themed background

Holiday Neat – 8 photos; holiday and sparkling lights themed background, dark spirits served simply neat snifter style

Holiday Ribbons / Merry Christmas Cocktail / Happy Holidays / Christmas Cocktail – 6 photos; holiday themed

Sweet Revenge – 2 photos; generic background

Scarlet Pirate – 8 photos; generic background

Tropic Swell – 2 photos; generic background

Lemon Pie – 3 photos; generic background

Kiwi Colada – 6 photos; generic background

Fragaria Fizz – 4 photos; holiday and generic background, fluted cocktail excellent for champagne, bubbly or club soda topped drinks

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New in Cocktail Stock Photography: March 5, 2012