113 new drink photos have been added to the Cocktail Stock Photography gallery. Many images are named by descriptions only within the “Cocktails Numbered” section. This section of the Cocktail Stock Photography galleries consists of cocktails with numbers as names and those drinks which have been created, but remain unnamed. These drinks are ideal for beverage brands looking for a broad range of cocktails within one gallery. Look for tag descriptors under each cocktail and click them for more cocktails with like tags for more options. Go to Keywords to search for many descriptors. Photos are continually updated for more keyword options.

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New in Cocktail Stock Photography: March 13, 2012

(clockwise from upper left corner)

Cherry Red Cocktail – 7 photos; bar top with blurred liquor bottles in background and bar top with brick background.

Jam Session – 4 photos; table top with generic background

Citrus Twist – 4 photos; bar cabinet top with bar accessories and glasses in background

Blue Apple – 4 photos; bar cabinet top with bar accessories and glasses in background

Crimson Red Cocktail – 10 photos; bar top with blurred liquor bottles, bar accessories and bar photography in background

Champagne Flute Orange Twist – 5 photos; generic background

Red Swirl Cocktail – 6 photos; rail with photo in background

Pucker Up Apple Martini – 3 photos; outdoor deck setting with flowers in background

Red Cocktail with Orange & Lime Garnish – 11 photos; table top with flowers background and outdoor deck setting

Creamy Fall Cocktail – 10 photos; deck setting with fall leaves surrounding cocktail glass, faintly visible dipped rim garnish

Coffee Cocktail Topped with Foam – 6 photos; countertop setting, coffee pot visible in one photo

Frozen Raspberry – 6 photos; countertop setting with citrus fruits, floral, coconut in backgrounds

Creamy Drink on the Rocks – 4 photos in small rocks glass with holiday background

Cardamom Pop Punch – 4 photos; countertop with citrus fruit background

Pineapple Bubbles – 4 photos; 3 with slight holiday variation and 1 generic

Creamy Drink on the Rocks – 7 photos in wine glass with variation of holiday background and generic background

Orange Cocktail with Lemon Twist – 9 photos; martini glass with photos, prints, fireplace and generic backgrounds

Rob Roy – 4 photos; bar space background with glassware and bottles background.

Ginger in Fall – 9 photos; outdoor background photographed in fall with both greenery and fall foliage colors showing in backgrounds

Pisco Sour – 5 photos; bar counter background with wine and port bottles in background

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New in Cocktail Stock Photography: March 13, 2012