There is a day on the calendar to celebrate Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day. has a little fun with this playful holiday by encouraging people to create a hoax, pull off a clever scam or tell an outright light – like the government does on a daily basis. I won’t encourage any swindling here, but I will encourage a bit of smoke and mirror play in the cocktail glass. What looks like an ordinary martini might surprise and delight you.

Two Martinis Outdoors 1 photocopyright Cheri Loughlin - Cocktail Stock Photography www.cheriloughlin.comSmoky Martini

2 measures Premium Orange Vodka

1/4 measure Scotch – Speyside Region

Orange Twist Garnish

Place scotch in chilled glass. Swirl and discard. Set aside. Place orange vodka in mixing glass with ice. Stir or shake according to preference. Strain into prepared glass. Garnish with orange twist.

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Smoky Martini
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