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Ginger and spices reign supreme in this Ginger Lemon Hot Toddy. Lightly sweet, with lovely warming flavor.I don’t usually make batches of hot drinks for parties. But this year I wanted to change things up a bit. Rain and lower temperatures were in our forecast, so something warming sounded perfect.

This recipe calls for my ginger vanilla syrup, so be sure to get that recipe here and make it in advance. I multiplied the syrup recipe by three and the hot toddy recipe by sixteen so I could make enough for party size. I also made a small batch without the rum and brandy for my non-drinking friends.

Lemon Ginger Hot Toddy

4-1/2 ounces Hot Water

1 ounce Fresh Lemon Juice

1 ounce Ginger Vanilla Syrup

1/2 ounce Gold Rum

1/2 ounce Brandy

Individual Serving Directions

Heat water to boiling in a tea kettle or microwave. Place juice, syrup and spirits in the bottom of a heat proof mug. Top with hot water and stir.

Slow Cooker Hot Toddy Directions

My slow cooker will hold 16 cups of liquid so I multiplied each ingredient in this recipe by 16 and it fit perfectly. When making a large batch in the slow cooker, place water, lemon juice and syrup in the slow cooker. Place several strips of fresh or dried ginger and a heaping tablespoon of crystalized ginger into a stainless steel mesh tea ball. I have this one. The link takes you to Amazon so you know what it looks like, but I think I picked mine up at a local tea shop. Place the tea ball with ginger spices into the slow cooker. Turn the slow cooker on high for approximately 4 hours, simmering with the lid on. Add rum and brandy to the mixture and turn the heat setting to warm. Keep lid on to keep the hot toddy as warm as possible.

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Lemon Ginger Hot Toddy