The United States often adopts celebrations from neighboring countries, weaving their customs into our own festive style.  Cinco de Mayo, historically a celebration of Mexico’s independence from France, is one such fête. According to recent research information shared by Jeff Grindrod and Mike Ginley at the 2009 Cheers Conference focusing on spirits trends, the Margarita continues to be the #1 consumer cocktail choice taking a 32% share in the spirits drink category. A Margarita is the perfect way to toast the spirit of Mexico and Cinco de Mayo. 

Toast with friends and relax this Cinco de Mayo by planning ahead. Tequila Cazadores makes party planning a breeze with the Tequila Cazadores 5 gallon Margarita recipe. Rather than host from behind the bar making individual margaritas, mix this Tequila Cazadores classic up ahead of time and let your guests serve themselves.

Makeshift Margarita 084 - photo copyright Cheri LoughlinFive Gallon Margarita

4 liters Tequila Cazadores Reposado

2 liters Triple Sec

10 bottles (750 ml) Sour Mix

1 gallon Orange Juice

1/2 gallon Lime Juice


Lime Garnish

Combine all liquids in large container. Stir. Serve in salt rimmed rocks glasses over fresh ice. Garnish with lime slice. Makes approximately 129 servings.

Recipe provided by Tequila Cazadores representatives

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Tequila Cazadores