Odell 5 and 90 photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

As promised, I made it out to the Odell beer tasting sponsored by Johnson Brothers Fino the day before Super Bowl.  There was quite a spread of Super Bowl party treats provided by the highway 370 Bakers and of course Odell Beer.  I wasFun Tasting photo copyright Cheri Loughlin hoping the Odell Red Ale would make an appearance, but it had not been sent out yet.  I will catch that another time before it’s too late. 

Of the two Odell samples offered, 5 Barrel Pale Ale and 90 Shilling, the latter was my favorite of the two.  90 Shilling seemed to have a bit more flavor with a slight mocha finish to it.  Since I’m not really a beer aficionado, I’ll leave the tasting specifics to the real experts and enthusiasts.  But what I will say is go out to local tastings and get to know the craft beers that are available in your area.  One, you’ll get to try new things.  Two, tastings offer a little fun. 

Jim Goodro and Tonya Connolly photo copyright Cheri Loughlin

The photo by the way is me, trying to taste the beer without laughing.  Fun, see!  Jim Goodro of Johnson Brothers Fino is the one in the background being no helpFinally photo copyright Cheri Loughlin at all by the way holding back his snickers. 

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