Thanks for continuing to frequent the site even though there has been a severe lack in updates. Rest assured, nothing dire happened in the last couple of years. My work creating cocktail recipes and photography for liquor companies has continued. A lot of brands have some exciting new products on the market that I have been privileged to work with.

I’ve branched out to teach cocktail classes, which has been exceedingly fun. People are excited to learn the basics. Some have never owned a jigger or cocktail shaker. Others have found a new love in spirits they thought they disliked. Seeing their excitement and being part of it has brought a breath of fresh air into my love of the spirit business. For that I am especially grateful.

One of my favorite classes so far was in celebration of National Margarita Day, February 22. A lovely group of ladies came together and truly embraced the class giving it a party atmosphere. We sampled a basic margarita using fresh ingredients. It is one of my favorite margaritas and it is so easy to make. We also made a spicy margarita. I’ll share that recipe another time, because I really want to tell you about this spring / summer fresh cocktail first.

I created the Hibiscus Watermelon Margarita a few years back. It has been a hit at holiday and super bowl parties. It’s about time I shared the recipe. I used dried hibiscus flowers from a local grocer to make the syrup, but they can also be ordered online.

Hibiscus Watermelon Margarita – recipe by Cheri Loughlin

1 ounce 100% Agave Tequila

1 ounce Watermelon Juice

1/2 ounce Hibiscus Syrup*

1/2 ounce Lime Juice

Lime Slice


Rub lime slice around rim of glass. Dip into salt. Fill glass with ice. Add tequila, watermelon and lime juice, and hibiscus syrup. Stir before serving. This could also be shaken and served in a cocktail glass instead.

*Hibiscus Syrup

2 cups Filtered Water

2 cups Granulated Sugar

1 cup Dried Hibiscus Flowers

Place all ingredients into a medium size sauce pan over medium heat. Bring to a gentle boil. Turn off heat and cover with lid. Allow mixture to steep for 30 minutes. Allow to cool. Strain and set aside hibiscus flowers. Add 1 ounce vodka to the syrup if desired. Vodka acts as a preservative giving it a longer refrigerator shelf life.

Save the hibiscus flowers in the freezer and use one more time for syrup. Or place the flowers in a glass container and top off with some of the syrup. Add an edible hibiscus flower to a class of champagne with a little of that delicious syrup and you have a fabulous brunch cocktail.


Hibiscus Watermelon Margarita
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