Cruzan Coconut Rum 1 photo copyright Cheri Loughlin42 Proof / 21% alcohol

Suggested Retail Price: $10 to $12 range / 750ml bottle

Availability: Widely available

Cruzan Coconut Rum Tasting Notes

Cruzan Coconut Rum 345 photo copyright Cheri LoughlinColor: Clear

Aroma: Usual suntan lotion scent, but faint. Coconut is there, lightly sweet, not quite natural at all.

Tasted Neat: Exceedingly sweet. Initial sour taste for a split second that fades completely. One dimensional coconut flavor. Three things pop out immediately – thin, sugar and flat line coconut.

In my opinion coconut rum is one of those flavors that’s so difficult to nail down with a totally natural flavor. Though I wouldn’t consume this neat or as a plain shot, I did enjoy some rather tasty Pina Coladas using the Cruzan Coconut rum while on vacation earlier this summer.

Mouth Feel: Thin

Possible Uses, Pairings and / or Cocktails:

Could definitely be mixed in any number of coconut flavored cocktails if sugar addition is kept to a minimal. Though the Pina Colada comes to mind first when coconut rum is in the mix, there are many more coconut rum recipes to explore.

Cruzan Confusion

1 ounce Cruzan Coconut Rum

1 ounce Cruzan Mango Rum

Splash of Pineapple Juice

Orange Wedge Garnish

Build in rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with orange wedge.

What are a few of your favorite coconut rum cocktails?

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Review: Cruzan Coconut Rum